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Baseball Hitting Training

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First of all, we need to understand the concept that we teach in our baseball training, that is, in a physical activity, that activity always begins with the large muscle [...]

Baseball Hitting Drills – Trust Your Hands

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We’ve often heard baseball coaches tell their players, “Trust the hands!” Is that a good coaching concept? No, I say. It’s the opposite. In fact, here’s one of the most [...]

Free Videos And Articles For The Super 8 Hitting System

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Here are some free articles and videos that I have posted that are pretty popular:—Is-the-Stride-Necessary?&id=2484056 It’s real important to understand the idea that we try and teach [...]

Top Baseball Hitting Tips

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Most of us have heard coaches talk about “rolling the wrist” in hitting. Have you ever wondered what happens to the bat when the wrists roll? The answer: The bat [...]

Baseball Hitting Drills For Kids

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Do not underestimate the importance of the stride. It needs to be practiced. The problem many hitters have is that they do not practice their strides away from hitting practice. [...]

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