“Hi Coach,
I never thought I would write one of these e-mails but I am glad to do it.
I am a father of an 8 year old boy who just played his first season of baseball. In getting him ready for the season I was searching for a way to teach him the proper swing mechanics. I figured it would be easier to start him off right, than to let him go and develop a whole lot of bad habits. I started to study the major league players and their swings. I was amazed at how different the major league player swing was to the swing I was taught as a child. I then tried to find a book or video that taught what I was seeing from the professionals. After reviewing a ton of material, your Super 8 system was head and shoulders above everyone.
Your Super 8 system was teaching exactly what I was in the professional swing! Plus, you broke the swing down into simple to follow explanations and diagrams. I thought to myself, this is so simple, I could teach this to an 8 year old. And that is exactly what I did. Over the past winter my son and I worked on the 8 steps. He was able to master the 8 steps well enough to not only be one of the best players on his community league team, he also made the tournament & travel All Star team.
I am thrilled to say that he finished the tournament season with a .468 batting average with 22 hits in 47 at-bats. Several of those hits delivered the game winning RBI! His travel team placed 2nd in two of the three tournaments they entered with all tournaments having a minimum of 12 teams entered. Thanks to your system, my son is learning the proper batting mechanics and not only has great confidence in himself, but his teammates know that when he goes to bat he will come through with a hit.
Again, THANK YOU!”
Kenneth Jacobs, Esq.
“Hi Coach Joe –
My son is memorizing the information, both the written and the video info.
We started during a recent run which got our 14 year old team into the Little League State Championship held in Stuart, FL 2 weekends ago. We lost, a team from West Melbourne is representing FLA, we ended up ranking 5th of approximately 250 teams statewide.
My son raised his batting average even as we were seeing the best pitching of his life. Much of what your system teaches he had heard and seen, but a lot he had not. Without a full swing overhaul, he was able to improve at the Sectional and the State levels. Your system gave him the edge and confidence during the hottest 2 weeks of baseball in his life.”
Robert Phillips
I just wanted to let you know how the super 8 hitting system has worked for my son.  My son is 11 years old and in Little League.  He missed a little more than half (the last half) of the regular baseball season due to a broken knuckle.  I put his name in the hat for the post season tournament team, not really expecting he would be selected, even though he played well the first half of the season.  He was selected and ended up leading his team in most of the batting stats.
During his broken knuckle hiatus, I continued to work with him on his batting, using the Super 8 system, with every drill we could do with a broken knuckle.  It was very interesting because, for some reason, one of his coaches focussed on his hitting a bit and tried to get him to change some things using the old cliche’s like, “Keep your elbow up and get your bat back.”  I encouraged him to just nod yes, but do what he learned from your system.  I have added some of his stats and areas where he led his team:
Batting Average: .556
Slugging Percentage: .926
On Base Percentage: .675
Tied for first most extra base hits with the most triples and home runs.
Thanks a bunch for putting the system out, as well as the updates and training materials!”
– Wayne DuBois Kennewick, Washington
I personally want to thank you for your logical approach to hitting.  My son Ben watches your DVD over and over again to make sure he grasps all of the information.  I have never seen him more motivated to “get it right.”  Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!”
Doug Eyink
Hello Coach Brockoff,
I have learned a wealth of information that I have not been exposed to or even seen high school coaches teach.  To me your stuff is worth a million bucks.  Good day to day stuff.”
Gregory Celeski
“Hey coach good day,
My name is Angel Torres Sr. I ordered your hitting DVD and I really appreciate all the tips and hitting instructions provided . I coach a Senior Little League and a open league AA team . I’ve already started training my guys and already seen a Significant amount of improvement . Therefore I would like to also purchase the DVD on how to improve my pitchers velocity.”
Thank you, Coach Angel Torres Sr.
Hey Joe,
Just want to thank you, your probably thinking what for. Anyways I tried some of the drills that you share on youtube, and it has helped my son..
Thank you, My son is 17 years old and he had been doing good but was not driving the ball like he should, so Im always looking for drills or program that might help him be better..
When I first heard about the program, it was hard to believe that it was that easy… Well tried some of the drills and he did pretty good in a game at one of the local schools , he hit a game winning triple with bases loaded.. He was very excited, and all he wanted to do is get home and watch some of the other videos on youtube.. Thank You for your time and instruction.. The video helped alot. It doesnt take alot its the simple stuff that help.. God Bless You.”– Mr.Cantu
“Coach, since using your hitting system, my son 13 year old son Chase, has
been consistently hitting the ball well over 300 feet. He hit his first
home run on a high school field (333 feet) this past weekend in a
USSSA tournament. He also had 2 doubles, one was hit 360 feet
to center. He has always been a good hitter, has hit for power, but was not
very consistent. With the proper mechanics that your hitting system
has provided, and the hard work he has put in, he is now the most
feared hitter on his team.
Thank you for all the coaching he has received from your system. This
is by far the best money I have spent.”
Steve Smallwood
Coach Brockhoff,
I coach a 14U travel baseball team and this past February I purchased and implemented the Super 8 hitting system to our team.  While as a group they are still a work in progress many of the boys made significant improvements throughout the season and peaked at our most recent tournament.  One of those that worked on his rotational swing throughout the year and got better every game was my son Spencer.  Technically he should be playing at the 13U level, but he is skilled enough to play at the 14U level.  This past weekend he hit his first homerun on the “big fields”, which was 295 down the left field line.  He also hit a shot to centerfield that was caught at the fence, which was 310.  Not bad for a kid going into the 8th grade, but it was due to his work on the tee and following your system.  Thanks for putting it together because it is easy to coach to and the boys can see immediate results.  The bottom line is that it works!
On a different note I am looking for someone who is local that I can take my son to during the winter.  We live in New Hope PA, which is in Bucks County about 35 miles north of Philly.  Do you have anyone that you can recommend that would stay true to the Super 8 hitting concepts.
Thanks again for your program.” – Scott Tinkel