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Off Season Baseball Workouts

Youth Baseball Tip #1:  Keep Bat Clear Of Shoulder – Prudent Advice or Poor Strategy? These off season baseball workouts will help clear this up.

Beyond all reasonable doubt, practically all young ball players have been bombarded with shouts to “Get that bat away from your shoulder!”

That is the constant cry from stands full of proud parents, pushy coaches, and fellow teammates.

Quite naturally, a frequent question is why would so many people steer you wrong?

It is vital to comprehend what actually occurs when a player maneuvers the bat far from his body while standing in a  hitting posture.  Doing so increases the distance between hands and body.  This most often results in hand displacement directly above the plate during impact with the ball.  Physical dynamics of that phenomenon have a net effect of eliminating full-body effort from every arm swing.

What’s bad about that?  Think about it like this.  Suppose you were arm wrestling without keeping your hands near your body.  Would you have a chance of winning with no backup support from the rest of your body?

Likewise, if challenged to throw your most powerful punch, would you swing with your hands held far out from your body?  Of course not!  The best position would be balled into tight fists with shoulders bent back.

When you help push a stalled vehicle, do you keep your hands by your side, or out in front of your body to produce extra leverage with body weight?

Try an exercise by standing just as though you were at home plate and ready to strike during a youth baseball game.  Is there anything at the rear of your hands?  No!  That is precisely why they have no support from your body. Off season baseball workouts will help eliminate issues during the season.

Odds are high that you may wonder why you’ve seen so many major league youth baseball stars hit home runs with hands held out from their bodies.

The solution to this riddle is very simple:  Major leaguers make adjustments by pulling hands back toward the body close to their shoulders before every swing of the bat.  Because it is done so fast, nobody ever notices.  Nonetheless, this has been scientifically proven as their technique.

Thus, we must make one thing perfectly clear.  Keeping hands and back in close proximity to shoulder is ALWAYS the best stance to take for optimal ball-bat contact.  As such, let natural hip rotation with HANDS HELD NEAR SHOULDER to glide the bat toward the ball.  NEVER HOLD HANDS ABOVE THE PLATE DURING YOUTH BASEBALL GAMES!!  Instead, keep hands just in front of the plate as arm swings into targeted impact zone.

A more detailed description of this technique is available in “Super 8 Hitting System,” along with narrated youth baseball videos.

Bottom line for Youth Baseball Tip Off Season Workouts#1:
Keep bat off shoulder as proper batting posture – WRONG!
Swing at ball with hands held above the plate – WRONG!

Baseball Workouts Offseason

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