Most of us have heard coaches talk about “rolling the wrist” in hitting. Have you ever wondered what happens to the bat when the wrists roll? The answer: The bat head rolls.

Personally, I have seen this happen over and over again during analysis of players in their front view hitting videos. They took beautiful contacts of the ball and turned them into ground balls because they rolled the bat head too early.

Does it seem logical to roll the wrists at the point of contact when we are trying to attack the ball? Answer: Absolutely not. The only time the wrists should roll is when the bat is brought back to the opposite shoulder following the forward extension of the bat after contact.

We must keep the bat head in line with the stroke and not allow it to roll. When making contact, the barrel of the bat must be kept constant before, during, and after contact. Otherwise, the ball will escape.

So, to learn how to hit better in baseball, here is a great rule: It’s called “UNDER – UNDER”.

Check out your baseball hitting mechanics. The top hand on contact, should be UNDER the bat. Open up the hand on the bat when it is at the point of contact. It should be under the bat with palm up.

Following contact, the bat head should travel to its forward extension, and the top hand should still be UNDER the bat. Check it out. Open up the hand. It should still be under the bat with palm up.

So again, here is one of our best baseball hitting tips: Use this: The UNDER – UNDER rule.

One final note: Here is another way to keep the hands in check. The knocking knuckles of the top hand always face the pitch on contact and never face down as the bat goes into extension.

These techniques are fully explained in our baseball hitting web site for the “Super 8 Hitting System”, completely demonstrated in a series of baseball hitting videos, which includes many techniques for learning how to hit better in baseball.

Baseball Hitting Drills Can Help Your Game

A ten percent strike out ratio is considered standard for a baseball player to be a solid hitter, and all good hitters in the game should have the confidence and the ability to face even the fiercest looking strikes. If you are a baseball player wondering how to make the best possible pitch, the following baseball hitting tips can help you.

One key thing to remember is not to be scared of the ball, or at least not to show it and having confidence is one of the best tips there is. When a strike out is made, it is essential to be confident and you can assume the same rules apply to both the first pitch of the game as well as for any other accurate strikes.

Whether you are carrying out baseball hitting drills or actually playing in a game, being assured and looking self confident are both important and you should never fear those strike outs. You can easily and effectively learn all the baseball hitting drills you need to, by having a baseball exercise and practice system and one of the best is the Super 8 hitting system. This easy to follow and detailed practice and training system has some of the best baseball hitting tips you will find, including how to hit the ball perfectly. To enjoy a significantly improved game, you will need to follow the enclosed baseball hitting drills on a regular and consistent basis.

For example, there are several advantages for a pitcher if he stands at a 45 degree position. This allows the hitter to enjoy a clear and unobstructed view of the ball, and it also allows the strike to take place quickly. This is because the hitter’s hip movements are reduced and the hand goes to the pitch in a linear way.

Improved vision of the ball in the strike area will be one of the big benefits of these baseball hitting tips, and it is unusual for players who are able to successfully take out the swing and miss, to strike out completely perfectly.

The useful and easy to follow baseball hitting drills outlined in the Super 8 hitting system include useful and informative videos providing baseball hitting tips.

Whether you are a player looking to improve your game with some useful baseball hitting tips, or whether you are a baseball coach looking to improve your team’s performance, the easy to follow and carefully thought out baseball hitting drills will make a big difference to the level of skill that you currently have.

How Do You Teach Someone To Hit A Baseball? Baseball Training

It has often been said that one of the hardest things to do in sports is to hit a baseball. It takes years of baseball training to master the art of making square contact with a round bat and a round ball. Complicating the process is that the ball could be moving at 70-90 miles per hour and it does not always go in a straight line.

Baseball hitting training should start when a child picks up his first baseball bat. If your child is three or four, the bat and ball are likely to be made of plastic. That is fine for baseball hitting training at this age. In fact, it is easier and safer to learn how to hit with a lightweight bat and ball.

Plenty of young children, when first given a bat, make the mistakes of using a cross-handed grip and keeping their hands away from the body . That is wrong! If you are a right-handed batter, your right hand should always be placed just above your left hand when you grip the bat. If you are a lefty, your left hand goes on top of the bat. The common swing younger players have is a long looping, sweeping swing often leads to their hands over the plate at contact. Using this technique will only result in an arm swing, and limited body support, if any.

The reason you do not hold the bat with a cross-handed grip (left over right for a right-handed batter) is that you can not break your wrists when you swing and you lose most of your power. Proper release of the wrists is what allowed a Hall-of-Famer like Hank Aaron to hit so many home runs despite being only of average size.

hank aaron baseball swing

You also must stress to your student during baseball hitting training that their stance, bat position, and distance from home plate must all be correct. A batter needs to have a comfortable stance, flex his knees and be able to reach across the entire plate when he swings. You want to keep the bat slightly off of your shoulders (preferably on the shoulders at a younger age) and slightly cock the bat forward so you can start your swing at the right moment.

If you develop good habits and learn the fundamentals of the grip, stance and swing, your months and years of baseball training will pay off. You may start off playing tee-ball and then Little League. By the time you get older, who knows, you may be such a good hitter that you play high school, college or pro baseball.

About the author: Coach Joe Brockhoff, creator of the Super 8 Hitting System, has over 25+ years of baseball training experience teaching younger baseball players the proper hitting mechanics. Get his free baseball hitting training videos here.