Tips on How to Get a Baseball Scholarship

1. Keep it short and only target a few schools. Get out there and search for coaches and colleges on the internet and target the school accordingly. If you contact the coach directly, it will get your name out there, and you may not only get some great advice, but you may also be able to view some resources and pick up some baseball hitting tips from their website, clinics, etc.

2. Always be active and contact the coach of the school you might be interested in playing at. Always consider having someone take some baseball hitting videos, or pitching videos, as well as write up some highlights on your career,  so you develop a profile page to market yourself . There are sites out there already that can highlight your talents on a site… usually for a monthly fee. Host your video on your Facebook account. Always be sure to obtain some techniques or advice on what you’ve shown him….. who knows, they have some baseball hitting tips to pass along.

3. With their own games and schedules tying them up, it can be hard for a coach to get some time to come see you play. When a coach does come to see you play, it might not be the best game you played! You will be unique if you can record some baseball hitting videos and have that to give to them to view on their own time. Don’t send them hours and hours of footage. Be precise in your video… ten short minutes should be enough. If you’re good, and they see something in you, they’ll make the time to come out and see you play, maybe even with a baseball scholarship in hand.

4. If the coach has had a chance to see you play after sending the video of you hitting, pitching, fielding, etc., make sure you pick up the phone or shoot him an email to follow up! If a coach see’s you play and likes your ability, don’t forget to keep following up yourself. Ask around, and check with some local coaches to get some more information about the college. When coaches have limited resources and are down to a few or no scholarships, don’t let detract you from contacting them down the road. I was in the process of picking a college when I got a call from UAB hitting coach Frank Walton, the school I ended up playing at,  had a scholarship open up a couple of months prior to the season.

Also, be sure to attend local baseball clinics and MLB tryouts… Being in front of professional scouts raises your ability, as well as playing with talented players to pick up some great ideas.

How To Get A Baseball Scholarship