The Value of Video Analysis

The value of taping has been acknowledged in every sport. For years, football, basketball, and track and field have used a scientific approach in order to eliminate guesswork. As a result players have reaped the benefits of having a better knowledge of what they need to do in order to improve their skills. As a result of video analysis, a baseball batter can accomplish the following objectives:

1. The baseball batter is given the opportunity to review his mechanics over and over again in practice and game play.

2. The baseball batter can make a comparison analysis with successful hitters, and learn to make positive adjustments.

3. The baseball batter is able to keep track of his progression by consistently viewing video of his baseball hitting mechanics.

The serious hitter must be a student of the game and should be willing to do the necessary research through baseball video analysis, if he truly wishes to maximize his bat speed. This should be taken seriously by all baseball coaches and players, and parents.

baseball video analysis