If I had this tool when I first started coaching it would have made my learning curve much simpler.

In this video, Ken Talley, former basketball coach and never played baseball in his life, developed the skills to become a better coach. See how he did it here: Super 8 Hitting System Reviews

If you’re serious about taking your coaching to the next level, you’ll want to check out this video. It doesn’t matter if you’re a t-ball coach, college coach, or a parent trying to teach your kids the fundamentals of baseball. This will give you ALL the tools you need.

I think it’s valuable stuff, but decide for yourself. Click on the link below… the video will automatically play for you. Super 8 Hitting System Reviews

“This will be the first of many e-mails.  I have coached youth baseball for over 10 years and my teams have always hit.  But now they will destroy the baseball.  I watched only one video that came in the mail with my two sons last week.  We hit in the cage after watching it.  The concepts are unbelievably easy to teach and master.  Thanks – and I have 8 or 9 more videos to go!!!”


“Dear Coach Brockhoff , thankyou for your most recent email with the video increase bat speed. I have 2 sons, one is 12 and the other is 9. My youngest has recently made a select team in Beaumont Tx. I have been looking at your material for quit some time now,  and feel very confident that this is the only way to hit the ball. I’m most pleased at the fact that a 9yr old was in your last video, as I have been wondering if the busterbat was just designed for bigger kids.

I have been involved with little league for the past 9 yrs. and some select baseball, I’m continously looking for a better way or correct way to play and teach the game.

I’m convinced the super 8 hitting system is the correct way and plan on purchasing the program soon. Please keep up the good work. Hope to see future videos of a 9yr old demonstrating the reader board.”

Cody Berry

Joe Brockhoff

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