To be successful it is important that a baseball player be able to handle today’s increased pitching speeds. There is a sound answer for this coming through the experience of a former baseball coach. Sound baseball hitting drills focus on the correct stroke principles. These principles are also the same for fast pitch softball.

softball hitting tips

In today’s environment it is necessary that a good hitter remains short to the ball. This is accomplished with a solid compact stroke.

A major characteristic in one maximizing their skills is making it difficult for a pitcher to strike them out. Striking out has no chance of helping the team. The odds of winning go up when the ball is put in play and the defense is challenged to make a play. A complete hitter will have no more than a ten percent strike out ratio.

Even though no offensive player has to be convinced that striking out is bad, one cannot fear it. One must be completely bold and confident when coming up to bat. When it comes to striking out, one should never learn to love it and should avoid it at all costs, but NEVER fear it. A batter must be confident that every time they bat they will make SUPER CONTACT.

The initial part of the process has to be TOTAL CONFIDENCE in order to totally remove the fear of striking out.

Another part of this is determining how to complement the fearlessness through improving.

The Super 8 Hitting System will give an aspiring player keys to eliminating strike outs. It will explain the greatest secret to efficient hits. It is known as the DRIVE action. This is a short and direct approach which will improve bat to ball contact immediately.

By practicing the drive action consistently, a baseball player will be assured she will improve her ability in putting the ball into play over ninety percent of the time.

To accomplish this a player will get into a 45 degree drive position. This means that before initiating the stroke the hips must be rotated half way to the pitcher. For right handed batters this means pointing the belly button and the knob of the bat in the second baseman’s normal position. At this point all the hitter has to do is snap the bat onto the ball.

There will be three advantages happening immediately:

The batter will have better sight of the ball. This allows for better reading of the ball movement.

Hip movement after this is reduced since the batter is already in one half of a pivot. This will make the stroke distance extremely shorter and quicker. The body has in essence completed its role in the batting process. Now the hands only need to snap the bat.

The hands will now go in a straight line directly towards the pitch. This linear movement towards the pitch is essential.

softball hitting drills

Seeing the approaching ball should be twice as easy for the hitters. This will help reduce the probability of swinging and missing a pitch inside and outside the strike zone.

Players that master this technique very rarely strike out.

The barrel of the bat must be lined up according to where the ball is thrown.

The drive action is fully explained in the Super 8 Hitting System. It is completely demonstrated through a collection of videos of baseball hitting. It also includes softball hitting drills. Go here now.

Here is a hitting tip. It is called DRIVE. This is one of the greatest secrets for softball and baseball. Baseball Hitting Drills would be incomplete without it.

A successful baseball player must be able to adjust to the faster pitching environment of today. A former coach has a solution for this. This involves principles for effective swings. These principles are the same in fast pitch softball as they are in baseball. Baseball hitting drills provide a way to make a habit of effective swings.

Today’s quicker speed of play has redefined good hitters as those who can be short to the ball with good consistent and compact strokes.

An integral part of being the absolute best hitter is being hard to strike out. A good hitter is defined as one that has a strike out ratio no higher than ten percent. Striking out provides the team zero assistance in winning. When the ball is not put into play the defense is given the easiest out.

No one has to be persuaded in believing that striking out is not acceptable. Yet batters cannot fear it. One must not let it diminish their boldness when coming up to bat. It should be hated, despised, and avoided like the plague, but NEVER feared. That boldness comes when one is assured they will make SUPER CONTACT every time they come up to bat.

The foundational portion of the process is Absolute Confidence. This fear of striking out has to be completely eliminated.

The next part focuses on how the improved batting skills will be accomplished.

The Super 8 Hitting System provides the hitting tips essential in practically eliminating strike outs. It shares the best secret in hitting called the DRIVE action. This action is short and direct, creating an immediate improvement in contact.

By becoming a student of the DRIVE action a player can gain assurance that she will improve her ability to get the ball into play ninety percent or more.

In doing this, the player will get into a forty five degree drive stance. This means that before the stroke is even initiated the hips will be rotated half way towards the pitcher. For a right handed batter this points the bat knob as well as the belly button towards the area where the second baseman would normally play. Then the only thing a hitter has left to do is snap the bat onto the ball.

There are three advantages which will happen immediately.

A batter can see the ball much better. This means a more effective ready for ball movement.

Hip movement afterwards is greatly reduced because the batter is already half way in the pivot position. This makes the stroke much quicker and shorter. The batters body has essentially completed its role. From this point the hands just need to pop the bat.

The hands should now move directly to the pitch. They should move in straight lines, linearly to the pitch.

Viewing the ball should now be twice as easy for hitters. This eliminates the swinging and missing of the pitch, both outside and inside of the strike zone.

Players that can perfect this technique will rarely strike out.

One must line the barrel of the bat up according to where the ball is being thrown.

The drive action is completely explained in the Super 8 Hitting System. The approach is fully demonstrated in a group of baseball videos which include drills on how to hit a softball as well as a baseball.

The Hitting Tip is without a doubt DRIVE. This is by far one of the best secrets for softball as well as baseball players. Baseball Hitting Drills will help master this secret.