We have discovered one of the greatest methods for teaching baseball (or anything else for that matter) is to find a key word to help the player understand the concept we are trying to teach.  And these key words work better if they are word pictures.

One great word picture that we use to help hitters get short to the ball is what we call “Shine the Light”.

youth baseball drills

In our youth baseball drills, If we can help the hitter to visualize the knob of the bat as a flashlight, it will help him to get inside the pitch and achieve the short, compact stroke.

youth baseball hitting drills

Most hitters will initially drive the knob of the bat towards the ground and they begin their stroke.  This causes the bat to flip behind them, causing a long stroke, and taking the hands out of position.

Also, if the hitter lifts the front shoulder just one inch, this will also invite the bat knob to drop down .

Here’s one of our best youth baseball hitting tips.  Imagine a lazer beam coming from the flashlight directly to the ball.  Ask the hitter to immediately “shine the light” on the ball, driving the knob in the direction of the pitch.  This will help to correct the long stroke and get the bat head into the proper contact position.

This is easy.  “Shine the Light”.  From that point the short stroke and proper contact will follow.

youth baseball drill

We have experienced immediate improvement in our instruction in baseball hitting drills with this simple concept….”Shine the Light”.