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How to finish a successful baseball stroke

So you’re ready to perfect your baseball swing by learning how to do a proper finish with good timing, bat speed, and accuracy to the ball. Finish is as important to hitting as any of the other batting steps. In fact, a good finish usually tells us that the previous action was correct. So if you’re finish is off, so are the preceding steps in the hitting process. This brief, easy to learn rotational hitting technique will help!

The stroke from stance to contact travels one-half the distance of those that sweep or loop, thereby giving the hitter an enormous advantage. The smooth finish tells that the stroke was correct, because the hitters cannot finish well at the completion of a poor hitting stroke.

Many hitters like to finish with only the lead hand on the bat, which is very popular today. However, this is not recommended. When the power hand comes off the bat at the finish, this will not usually present a problem. However, if the power hand releases too soon because the hitter has been n fooled by the pitch, or if he has poor turning action, this will cause a reaching problem. The hitter is best served when he assures hit stroke by taking the power hand through to the completion of the stroke.

Try using this “finish position” next time you’re up at bat or when coaching players. It will significantly improve each hitter’s batting average.

The head is quiet and stable throughout the stroke.
Bat finishes at the opposite shoulder.
The front shoulder rotates to the back.
The stroke finishes on top of the shoulder and not at the side of the body.
The waistband is level throughout the stroke.

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The Problem: “Rolling the wrist at contact”

Have you ever wondered what happens to the bat when the wrists roll? The bat head rolls. I’ve seen this happen hundreds of times during my 30 years in baseball coaching. Hitters who make beautiful contact with the ball and then turn the hit into a grounder because they rolled the bat head too early. Yet the remedy is so simple!

The Super 8 Hitting System Solution: Coach Joe’s “Under-Under Rule.”


1. First, take a quick inventory of your baseball hitting mechanics. On contact the top hand should be under the bat. Open up the hand on the bat when it is at the point of contact. It should be under the bat with palm up.
2. Following contact, the bat head should travel to its forward extension, and the top hand should still be under the bat. Check it out. Open up the hand. It should still be under the bat with palm up.
3. The only time the wrists should roll is when the bat is brought back to the opposite shoulder following the forward extension of the bat after contact. Keep the bat head in line with the stroke and don’t allow it to roll.
4. When making contact, keep the barrel of the bat constant before, during, and after contact. Otherwise, the ball will

Coach’s Corner Extra Baseball Hitting Tips: Here is another way to keep the hands in check. The knocking knuckles of the top hand always face the pitch on contact and never face down as the bat goes into extension.

Baseball Hitting Tips – Rolling The Wrist

Joe Brockhoff