There has always been a question about whether or not the stride is necessary. We’ve done enormous research on the stride, with one basic finding: The stride does not hit the ball. It only overcomes inertia and gets us into position to hit the ball.

Here are some of the many questions:

How long should it be?

What direction should it go?

Would it be best to eliminate it?

hitting tips for baseball

One thing is for sure: The stride, done poorly, will often do more harm than good. Here are some of those issues: Over-striding, stepping the bucket, and not getting the foot down in time.

One might think, let’s just eliminate the stride. Or let’s just put the front foot out, with only a little weight, and keep the rest of the weight back.

In all of our years of studying baseball hitting tips for research and development of the Super 8 Hitting System, we looked for answers to those questions.

I am a hitting purest, meaning that if the activity is not necessary, then we don’t do it. In other words, economy of action, doing only the absolutes with no wasted motion is the way to go. So should we eliminate the stride? Many coaches teach this in their clinics and camps using many baseball hitting drills.

My belief is that while no stride is ten times better than a bad stride, a good stride is better than no stride.  Against a good velocity pitcher, a hitter must have quick hips. He must be able to turn quickly, clearing his hips and getting his hands out in front for contact. The stride is an asset for this. It provides a continuation from linear to rotation for the fast ball and for transfer of weight through the ball.

Here is the timing factor:

Fast Ball:          Stride –Stroke

Off Speed:        Stride– Pause – Stroke

Think of the top that young people used to play with. With all of the electronic games of today, the old “top” has been sort of put away on the proverbial shelf. But the top used to be a favorite toy for youngsters. It’s a rounded object with a pin on the bottom. They would wind the string around it, toss it forward holding onto the end of the string.

When the pin of the top hit the ground, the top would change from linear direction to rotational.  It would spin, and spin until it lost its momentum and flopped over.

If the top were merely dropped straight down vertically, this would create a very loose rotation, if any, and it would almost immediately drop over on its side.

So what’s the point? Like the linear hitting action of the top gives it the force that it needs for strong rotation, so does the linear hitting action of the stride provide a good rotation of the hips toward the ball.

Hitting Tips For Baseball

A major part of being the best hitter we can be is to be “tough to strike out.”  A good hitter should have no more than a 10% strike-out ratio.  The strike out gives us NO chance to help our team.  By not putting the ball in play, we give the defense their easiest out.

While no one has to be convinced that a strike out is not good, we cannot fear the strike out.  We must not let it affect our boldness when we come up to bat.  We should hate it, despise it, avoid it like the plague, but NEVER fear it.  Know that every time we come to bat, we will make SUPER CONTACT.

So the first part of the process is TOTAL CONFIDENCE, to completely eliminate our fear of the strike out.

Part two is “How do we do this”

In today’s game it is absolutely essential that the good hitter is “short to the ball” with a good compact stroke.

hitting tips for baseball

The Super 8 Hitting System gives us the hitting tips to practically eliminate striking out.  It explains the biggest secret in hitting.  It is called the “drive” action.  It is short, direct, and will immediately improve contact.

By consistently practicing the “drive” action, a player can be assured that he can improve his ability to put the ball in play over 90% of the time.

To do this, the player gets into a “45? drive position”, which means that before we initiate the stroke, we rotate the hips half way to the pitcher.  For the right-handed batter, this would point the knob of the bat and the belly button about where the second baseman would play.  Then all the hitter needs to do is to snap the bat on the ball.

Three advantages happen immediately:

1. The batter will see the ball better: better read and ball movement.

2. Movement of the hips after this is minimized because the batter is already in one-half a pivot.  This makes the stroke extremely short and quick.  The body has basically completed its role.  From here the hands just snap the bat.

3. Hands now go directly to the pitch in a straight line, linear to the pitch.

Seeing the ball should be twice as easy for the hitter, eliminating “swing and miss” of the pitch, outside and inside the strike zone.

Players that perfect this technique rarely strike out.

We fully explain the “drive action” in the Super 8 Hitting System, completely demonstrated in a series of baseball hitting videos, which includes many baseball hitting drills.

HITTING TIPS:   “DRIVE” — One of the biggest hitting secrets in baseball.

Several Hitting Tips For Baseball

For you to become the best hitter, you have to understand some of the elementary hitting tips for baseball. The first thing you need is to be excellent and not prone to strike outs. You should have less than a 10% strike out rate. This reduces the workload for your defense and makes the other team sweat to get points.

A strike out cannot be pardoned, that is why it is important to ensure that it does not happen. Though, do not let the fear of striking out get into your head so much that it affects your confidence. Just stay calm and tell yourself that you will gain contact every time you make a swing with the bat.

So, you have to be confident. That is one of the ingredients of success.

The other thing you need to do is know how to improve your hitting skills.

Today, one of the things that make a good hitter is his ability to deliver a compact stroke with every swing, and stay short on the ball.

The super 8 system offers some very useful tips on how to hit. The guidelines enable you to avoid striking out at all costs. One of the techniques explained there is the drive action. This is a short and direct method that greatly improves contact.

If you train the drive action, you will be able to maintain the ball in the field most of the time.

To do this, get into a 45 degrees position. This is where you rotate your hips halfway in the direction of the pitcher.

If you are right handed, the knob of the bat will end up pointing towards your belly button, in the direction of the where the second baseman will be playing. Once in this position, you are only left with the simple task of snapping the bat on the ball.

The drive action has three advantages:You will be able to view the ball well, hence reading its movement better.

The hands travel in a straight line towards the pitch.

The hips move slightly which enables you to make a short quick stroke.

So, you will be able to see the ball as it comes. This will allow you to reduce your chances of swinging and missing in the strike zone.

If you perfect this technique, you will not strike out often.

If you want more hitting tips for baseball, you can check out the super 8 hitting system.

There, you will get detailed information on the drive action.