We have all experienced watching teams taking batting practice.  Most of the time hitters try to hit every ball as hard and deep as they can.

We have recorded BP efficiency and found the following results:  Pops, chops, routine ground balls, and with every pitch, they try to slam it.  The going rate of hard hits is 3 or 4 out of 10.

It is important that hitters take BP at a comfort level.  However, it is good to finish with what we call a “Power-10” focusing on hitting the ball hard with super contact every time.  Here are the guide lines:

A hitter may choose  which pitches to hit.  But call a strike if he takes a good pitch.

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Hard Hit = 1 point

Week hit = 0 points

Swing and miss/foul/strike = -1

A hitter strives for at least 7 out of 10   (70%)  That is the minimum that we strive for.  If a hitter is not at that level, he needs to work for that.

In our general research, we have found that by making hitters do a Power-10 in their batting practice baseball hitting drills, hitters will strive to hit each ball well, and batting practice will be more meaningful.  Players who do their Power-10 at the completion of BP have these results in their regular batting:

Efficienty at least            80%:                      Batting average over .400

70-80%                 Mid .300 batting average

Less than                             70%                        .280-.300 batting average


Do this with correct fundamentals against good pitching.  Hitters should concentrate more on hitting the balls hard and sharply rather than hitting everything deep. Benefits will show up in their batting averages.


If time permits, players can do more than one Power-10.  With these baseball hitting drills, they look forward to the challenge of getting better each time.

Power-10 …. A Simple way to increase hitting performance.  It will improve concentration and accuracy to the ball.

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