A baseball player has to be able to keep up with better pitching these days.  Even though I am a former baseball coach, I have the answer for this. The principles for the correct stroke are the same for fast pitch softball as they are for baseball.

In today’s game it is absolutely essential that the good hitter is “short to the ball” with a good compact stroke.

A major part of being the best hitter we can be is to be “tough to strike out.”  A good hitter should have no more than a 10% strike-out ratio.A strike out leaves us no opportunity to help our team.  By not putting the ball in play, we give the defense their easiest out.

While no one has to be convinced that a strike out is not good, we cannot fear the strike out.We shouldn’t let this enter our mind when preparing to step up to plate.We shouldn’t like it, avoid it at all costs, but never fear it.Each time we come to the plate, we will be able to make contact.

So the first part of the process is TOTAL CONFIDENCE, to completely eliminate our fear of the strike out.

Part two is “How do we do this?

The Super 8 Hitting System gives us the softball hitting tips to practically eliminate striking out.  It explains the biggest secret in hitting.  It is called the “drive” action.It is compact, short, and will enhance your hitting stroke.

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By consistently practicing the “drive” action, the softball player can be assured that she can improve her ability to put the ball in play over 90% of the time.

To do this, the player gets into a “45º drive position”, which means that before we initiate the stroke, we rotate the hips half way to the pitcher.  For the right-handed batter, this would point the knob of the bat and the belly button about where the second baseman would play.A hitter needs to snap the baseball bat on the ball.

We fully explain the “drive action” in our system in a series of baseball hitting videos, which includes many softball hitting tips.