The baseball player must be able to compete with faster pitching. Even though I am a former baseball coach, I have the answer for this. The principles for the correct stroke are the same for fast pitch softball as they are for baseball.

In today’s game it is absolutely essential that the good hitter is “short to the ball” with a good compact stroke.

A major part of being the best hitter we can be is to be “tough to strike out”. A good hitter should have no more than a 10% strike-out ratio. The strike out gives us NO chance to help our team. By not putting the ball in play, we give the defense their easiest out.

While no one has to be convinced that a strike out is not good, we cannot fear the strike out. We must not let it affect our boldness when we come up to bat. We should hate it, despise it, avoid it like the plague, but NEVER fear it. Know that every time we come to bat, we will make SUPER CONTACT.

So the first part of the process is TOTAL CONFIDENCE, to completely eliminate our fear of the strike out. Our readerboard is a great tool to help you with this.

Part two is “How do we do this”

The Super 8 Hitting System gives us the baseball hitting instruction to practically eliminate striking out. It explains the biggest secret in hitting. It is called the “drive” action. It is short, direct, and will immediately improve contact.

By consistently practicing the “drive” action, the baseball player can be assured that she can improve her ability to put the ball in play over 90% of the time.

To do this, the player gets into a “45? drive position”, which means that before we initiate the stroke, we rotate the hips half way to the pitcher. For the right-handed batter, this would point the knob of the bat and the belly button about where the second baseman would play. Then all the hitter needs to do is to snap the bat on the ball.

Three advantages happen immediately:

The batter will see the ball better: better read for ball movement.

Movement of the hips after this is minimized because the batter is already in one-half a pivot. This makes the stroke extremely short and quick. The body has basically completed its role. From here the hands just snap the bat.

Hands now go directly to the pitch in a straight line, linear to the pitch.

Seeing the ball should be twice as easy for the hitter, eliminating “swing and miss” of the pitch, outside and inside the strike zone.

Players that perfect this technique rarely strike out.

You must line up the barrel of the bat according to where the ball is pitched.

We fully explain the “drive action” in the Super 8 Hitting System, completely demonstrated in a series of baseball hitting videos, which includes many baseball and softball hitting drills.

HITTING TIP: “DRIVE” — One of the biggest hitting secrets for both baseball and softball!

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Coach Brock answers your hitting question – Why Start Your Bat On The Shoulder?

After years and years of researching baseball training, and looking at Major League hitters, we discovered that no matter where the hitter held his hands, they always brought their hands inside and then went into drive action. Some of the pictures that are in this video. So, were going to talk a little bit about this baseball hitting tip and keeping the bat on the shoulder. It is controversial… there are a lot of people that don’t understand or believe that this is the best way to do it.

In fact, we’ve all heard the old cliché that we need to keep the bat off the shoulder, and here we are saying that it’s not a bad idea to have the bat on the shoulder.

First thing that I’d like to explain is if we had to throw the greatest punch that I ever had to throw in my life, would I really want my hand away from my body? Down near my waist? In these positions, there is nothing behind my hands.

In hitting a baseball, I want my body to support my hands. And essentially, I want my hips to take me to the ball. What I see so many times, is hitters going into a loop phase to hit the ball, or going into a sweep phase to make contact. In each case, the hands doing the circle and going away from the body. Well, we don’t want our hands to go into a circle. There basically the action that we take to hit the baseball, is #1 rotational which is load. #2 linear which is stride, #3 pivotal which is rotation, and then the hands go linear.

We want the hands to go in a straight line, because the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

In all of the film study that we’ve done, no matter where a player holds his hands, he will usually bring his hands inside by the time he completes his stride and get into drive position, which places the hands above the ball, the bat head above the hands so that this diagonal down to the ball. From there, we want to rotate the hands in a straight line.

So the position we want to train our hitters to be in using our baseball hitting tips, to eliminate having the hands get away from the body and going into a loop phase or sweep phase, what we want to do to show how easy it is jus to turn your hitters hips he would be in perfect hitting position to hit the baseball. He can high, he can hit low pitches… he’s got all those options in favor.

Otherwise, what 95% of hitters do is drop their hands off the back side as they go to the ball and now they don’t have those options.

For baseball training, we get the bat on the shoulder, load and stride and make sure that we turn to get inside the baseball like we say “shine the light”. By having the bat on the shoulder, this is automatic.

This really helps the baseball hitter keep himself in position to make a good ball strike, and make good contact.

Now, the question my be what if coach disagrees with that and wants to move the bat away from the shoulder? Well, start on the shoulder and if you want to raise it a little bit, that’s fine. But what we don’t want is to have the hands so far away from the body, that you never recover back inside. It’s so easy to get inside the baseball when the bat is on the shoulder to begin with.

So for baseball training, we might just allow for the hitter to slightly lift the bat of the shoulder, as long as you trained the hitter to go inside the ball and to pivot inside.

If the pitch is down the middle, all we do is step and turn and we’re in perfect position now to ball strike. This is the true launching position.

Hitters don’t usually like to do this when we adjust their bat to the shoulder, but if we ask every hitter that didn’t like it at first, they certainly like it now.

Coach Brockhoff is the creator of the Super 8 Hitting System. His hitting system eliminates common hitting flaws and corrects them with good hitting principles.

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