Do not underestimate the importance of the stride. It needs to be practiced. The problem many hitters have is that they do not practice their strides away from hitting practice.

In our Hitting System, we practice striding during the following batting drills practice sequence:

• Soft body, no stride, full take

• Load and Stride – Take

• Load – Stride – Pivot

Isolating these three activities by themselves can be performed alone at home without a pitched ball, or during batting practice, like in our Hitting Agenda and Tempo Drills. This builds the stride to the point where it is constant.

Here are the rules for the best stride:

• The stride travels only 6 inches.

• The stride lands on the ball of the foot

• The stride goes directly ahead and in the same place each time.

• The stride begins on pitcher’s release.

• The hands stay home near the back shoulder during the stride and are not released to make the bat contact the ball until after the pivot (rotation of the hips).

Another coaching point on baseball hitting drills for kids: The stride should be initiated in the large muscle mass of the hips. In other words, it is a slight linear push of the hips toward the ball. The front foot merely follows this push, landing on the ball of the foot. When the front heel goes down, this keys the turn of the hips and the weight transfer.

baseball hitting drills for kids

When facing a pitcher with above average velocity, a baseball player must be quick in the hips and rotate accordingly… having the ability to clear his mid section and allow his hands to get out in front makes for better contact with the ball. The stride plays a vital role in developing from linear to rotation for a sinker or four seam fastball for weight thru the ball.

baseball hitting drills for youth

You can learn more from Coach Joe Brockhoff’s Super 8 Hitting System from our free hitting videos here – Baseball Hitting Videos.

Improve Baseball Hitting With These Tips

In order to become the best hitter you have to learn the basic hitting tips for baseball. To begin with, you must be tough and prove to be difficult to strike out. You should have a strike-out ratio of less than 10%. This gives the other players no chance to help their team and by ensuring that you keep the ball in play, you make the work of the defense seem like a stroll in the park.

While there is usually no question about the legitimacy of a strike out, it is important that you do not take it for granted. Though, you must not allow it to affect you courage as you prepare yourself to bat. Reassure yourself that you will make contact each and every time you swing that bat.

So, the first thing that you require is confidence. It totally eliminates your fear.

The second thing you need to know is how to go about it.

Nowadays, one of the major requirements of a hitter is to swing a compact stroke while remaining short on the ball.

Some of the hitting tips are offered by the Super 8 Hitting system. They give directions on how to prevent you from striking out. The best technique in hitting is known as the drive action. It is short and direct, and improves contact almost immediately.

By constantly doing the drive action, you will be able to put the ball in play, every time.

In order for you to do this, you have to get into a 45 degree position. This means that before you start the stroke, you rotate the hips halfway towards the pitcher.

If you are a right handed batter, you will end up pointing the knob of the bat to the belly button around where the second baseman is going to play. All that is left is for you to do is to snap the bat on the oncoming ball.

There are three advantages of the drive action:1. The first one is that the batter will have a better view of the ball and be able to read its movement better.

2. The movement of the hips is minimized, which makes the stroke short and quick.

Improve Baseball Hitting With These Tips

3. The hands travel linear to the pitch.

baseball hitting drills for youth

You will be able to observe the ball better.

Therefore, you will be able to eliminate any swing and miss, both inside and outside the strike zone.

By perfecting this technique, you will rarely strike out.

For more hitting tips for baseball, you can have a look at the super 8 system.

#1 Youth Baseball Tip: Keeping The Bat Clear Of Your Shoulder – Good Advice Or Bad Idea?

Practically every youth baseball player has been told to keep the bat away from his or her shoulder.

Fellow teammates, parents watching from the stands, and coaches all shout this same advice to young baseball players.

Could it even be possible that so many people could be wrong?

It is important to understand what happens when a baseball player holds the bat away from his or her body when assuming a hitting posture. By doing so, the distance between the body and hands is increased. The end result is frequently hand displacement above the plate when the ball is hit. When that happens, full-body effort is effectively eliminated from the arm swing.

Why is this a bad thing? Think about the physical dynamics of trying to arm wrestle without holding your arms close to your body. If you were not able to leverage the full support of your body, would you be able to win?

baseball hitting tips for youth

What would you do if you were trying to throw a powerful punch? Would you even be able to throw a powerful punch while holding your hands far away from your body? Or, would you get the most powerful results from tightly balled fists and shoulders bent back?

youth baseball tip
If you needed to push a heavy object such as a stalled vehicle, would you position your hands in front of you so that you could leverage the full power of your body’s weight? Do you think you could achieve the same results by holding your hands close to your side?

Stand up and position yourself as though you were at a baseball game, ready to strike at home plate. Notice that while in this position, your body is not providing any support behind your hands.

While watching major league baseball games, you may have wondered why so many star players successfully hit home runs while holding their hands away from their bodies.

The answer is simple: Before swinging the bat, major league youth baseball players make adjustments by pulling their hands towards their body and closer to their shoulder. This technique, performed so quickly that it frequently goes unnoticed, is what major league players use to achieve home run swings.

professional baseball swing

It is clear that in order to achieve optimal contact between the bat and the ball, a stance that keeps hands back and close to the shoulder is the best position. While holding the hands near the shoulder, natural hip rotation can then move the bat towards the ball. During a youth baseball game, it is not a good idea for the batter to hold his or her hands over the plate. Instead, hands should be kept slightly in front of the home plate, as the player’s arm swings into the ball impact zone.

The “Super 8 Hitting System” explains this technique in more detail, along with narrated videos of youth baseball.

#1 Youth Baseball Tip bottom line:

The proper batting posture involves keeping the bat off the shoulder – INCORRECT!
The hands should be positioned above the plate while swinging at the ball – INCORRECT!