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Swing Speed Radar Reviews

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Last week, I recorded a short video for the Swing Speed Radar Review. We actually use this product with our baseball players to track their progress on their bat speed. I receive a lot of products via email and phone every week… it’s rare that I find a product that catches my attention and meets my expectations. It’s something that I highly recommend to my subscribers. Here’s why:

1. It helps increase bat speed and power and distance.

2. It will aid you to monitor your players stroke and consistency.

3. It allows you to record swing speed when you’re correcting your players’ hitting stoke.

4. It gives you the capability to track bat speed and progression.

I put together a 12 minute video on some drills you can use today to increase your bat speed, and give you a tool, the Swing Speed Radar to track and measure your progress.

But here is a simple formula to increase your players’ bat speed:

Try this “Landing The Plane” drill…

1 Starting with the bottom hand

2. Stance position, bottom hand starts at shoulder point

3. Palm open, facing down

4. Other hand on your hip

5. Front heel lifts, player loads

6. Hips rotate square to pitch – hand at shoulder moves straight to front of body, where hands would be while bat is in contact

7. Hand remains palm down

As always, repetition is key. So do the drill again, incorporating the above enhancements:

TIP – Complete the stroke successfully by ensuring the top hand continues under the bat, through contact, and first extension. The bat will finally roll as it comes to the second position, just before stroke completion.

Watch my Swing Speed Radar Review now

Coach Brock