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Yankees greatest dynasty in baseball

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Yankees greatest dominance occurred between 1927 and 1953. Baseball fans have told the Yankees are the greatest dynasty in sports history, which is true, but they are rarely told that since 1958, while successful, the Yankees have not been dominant. From 1921-1958, the Yankees won 24 pennants and 18 World Championships. From 1960-2007, the Yankees have won 15 pennants and 8 World Championships.

By the end of 1953, the Yankees had won 20 pennants and 16 World Championships. The Yankees lost three of their first World Series, but then an extraordinary run started. From 1927-1953, the Yankees had a remarkable 15-1 World Series record. From 1949-1953, the Yankees won five consecutive World Championships, the only time a baseball team accomplished the feat. Few fans remember or know that from 1960-1964, the Yankees had a second streak of five consecutive pennants, but since they won only two of those World Series, that streak of five consecutive pennants is all but forgotten. Despite claims to the contrary, winning the pennant is incomplete unless it is followed by winning the World Series.

The Decease
Following 1964 World Series loss to the Cardinals, the Yankees didn’t win another pennant until 1976, when they won three consecutive flags and two World Championships. In the strike season of 1981, the Yankees won the pennant but lost the World Series to Los Angeles. Between 1955-1981, the Yankees won 13 pennants and 6 World Championships. Then there was another drought. There were no championships until 1996, when the Yankees won the World Series, and after losing a playoff series to the Indians in 1997, the Yankees won three consecutive world titles. From 1982-2007, the Yankees won 6 pennants and 4 World Championships. Since George Steinbrenner purchased the team in 1973, the record is 10 pennants and 6 World Championships.
To become the World Champion, a team must win two playoffs rounds and then the World Series. In 2007, there are 30 major league baseball teams. When the Yankees enjoyed their greatest dominance, there were 16 teams. To become the World Champion, a team had to win the pennant and then the World Series. While logic dictates that it is more difficult to dominate today, only a few teams — the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Dodgers, Angels, Cubs — are willing to spend obscene amounts of money on star players, and while spending money does not guarantee winning, not spending money does guarantee that a team has much less of a chance of winning and almost no chance of creating a dynasty. Find season’s best baseball gears and many others.

Rules of baseball games

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

It is a fact that since 1845 the official baseball training have kept changing with each passing year.  Truthfully, there have not been too many changes, thus making the baseball rules seem static, which in turn has made it appealing to fans who are keen on following the evolution of the game. Therefore, this game boasts of a very proud history in comparison to other sports.

National game of the United States of America is baseball. Over the years, it has spread far and wide and gained recognition as an international game played in well over 100 countries in the world.  The observance of the baseball rules by everybody connected with the game will facilitate the continued development of this team game.

Two teams of 9 players each play baseball in a baseball field which has 4 bases. Whichever team that scores more runs than its opponent is declared winner. A batter hits the ball and runs from base to base, touching them. A player is deemed to have scored a run lawfully when he finishes his running through the 4 bases without being ‘out’. There are 9 innings in a standard baseball game, with each innings having 6 outs; three for each team. However, some leagues may play matches that have fewer innings. According to the baseball rules, minimum of one umpire should be available in a game of baseball. Normally 4 umpires officiate at prominent league matches, but depending on the importance and the league participating, this may vary up to 6 umpires.

All professional play in the USA and Canada are governed by the official baseball training ruls.  These rules can be found both in book form and on the internet too.  Mastering the baseball rules is not as hard as it seems.  But, the beauty of the game lies in analysing and predicting the possible game plan and strategy of the opponent judging by their moves and activity.

Initially, baseball rules could be divided into 4 parts. They are: the playing field, pitching, hitting, and outs and structure of the baseball game.  If you have a real enthusiasm about the game of baseball, then it will be a no-brainer for you to acquire a thorough knowledge of the baseball rules.

Baseball training

National Baseball Hall of Fame

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

The National Baseball Hall of Fame of the United States of America is a collection of memorabilia relating to players, officials, executives and other individuals who have contributed great things to the game over the years. This is a divine center for baseball fans to reach into the past of the game and study its development over a period of time.

25, Main Street, Cooperstown, New York is the location where the Baseball Hall of Fame is set up. This museum consisting of three floors provides the devoted baseball fan as well as the tourist who knows nothing about baseball both perspective and knowledge on the history of the game, it’s flag bearers and highlights. Further, the hall provides extensive insight into the origins of baseball and how the game evolved into a national sport.  The availability of learning material, tours and movies empowers enthusiastic fans, children and tourists alike to learn all they can about baseball.

The museum also organizes various events that involve players, officials, museum staff and fans alike. These events provide the opportunity for fans to meet players and to hear their stories on and off the field first hand.

The Baseball Hall of Fame was dedicated by Lee Ferrick Andrews in 1939. This provided a valuable entrepreneurial opportunity to draw more tourists and investment in to Cooperstown. The museum drew interest both from within the state as well as throughout the entire nation. Soon visitors from around the globe made their way to Cooperstown to experience the Baseball Hall of Fame first hand. The museum is now graced by approximately 350,000 visitors every year and boasts an artifact base of over 35,000 and over 2.6 million library items.

Players are elected to the hall of fame by the Baseball Writers Association of America or the Veterans Committee. The changing face of the game has made the election rules evolve accordingly. Players who make it to the hall of fame have the opportunity of having their names written in the annals of history, where their feats and contributions to the game will be remembered for all of time.

Baseball has been an essential part of American lives over the years gone by. Those who love the game and those who want to learn more about baseball will find sanctuary within these great walls of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.