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Baseball Hitting Drills

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

This course will cover baseball hitting drills from our Super 8 Hitting System. We will cover the batting stance with baseball hitting tips and what position you need to be in when you first step in to the batters box. The front side is responsible to takes us to the ball in put us in a better position to hit the ball with power and accuracy. The back side is the power side… you want to be in an athletic position such as a football player in a defensive stance. Click on the video below to avoid making costly mistakes in your baseball hitting drills.

Baseball Hitting Tips and Drills

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Usually when a hitter is late and popping up or flying out, his stroke is too long. This is caused by dropping his hands behind him as he approaches the ball. Your son probably has what we call a loop in his stroke. Our research shows that a loop stroke will travel as far as 96 before contacting the baseball, as opposed to the short stroke which will only travel 36.  By dropping his hands as he goes to the ball, his bat head is getting under every fast ball.

Practice these baseball hitting tips and baseball hitting drills from our Super 8 Hitting System.

We clearly outline this in our video analysis videos… the basic problem that you need to resolve is to eliminate the arcing on the back side.

Click on the play button below to avoid making these costly mistakes: