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Baseball Hitting Instruction

Hitting Instruction

Youth Baseball Hitting Instruction

Are you ready to skip the learning curve and

What I mean is, I’d like to help you further since you already have some of my Super 8 Hitting System… and help you add even more points to your batting average.

Drills that you can immediately copy and use in your next game.

And within a few days, following my “step by step” videos, your new super-charged swing will be the talk of the town.

You’ll learn the exact methods I use every day with my private 1v1 clients, including ones that are currently playing in College in top ten Division I programs.

I’ll give you several “top secret” drills and we’ll show you EXACTLY how to use them to gain your own unfair advantage in the batter’s box.

All hitting drills are revealed. I show you how our hitters do it, over and over again. This is only for hitters and coaches that want to jump WAY ahead of everyone else.

Those who are SERIOUS about baseball and becoming a better hitter or coach.

As an added bonus

you’ll get my 8 DVD set that reveals everything there is to know about becoming a better hitter, for $45 off that includes FREE SHIPPING!

 $191.99 Today Only $147 FREE SHIPPING!


The hitting stroke is really not complicated.

What is complicated is hitting the good pitchers who throw with velocity and accuracy and know how to locate their pitches.

In order for us to compete as hitters against them, we must have a system that we can rely on, one that we can trust and that will be there when we need it.

There is a great saying: “Groove your stroke, and then trust it.”

That is what the Super 8 Hitting System will do for you. It requires that you constantly rehearse simple techniques that will give you good club head accuracy, club head timing, and club head velocity.

The system will allow for you to adjust to the breaking ball and to use the whole field. It will allow you to wait longer and to read pitches better.

With the Super 8 Hitting System, you can have it all: good contact and power.

Are you READY to MAKE a REAL DENT in your career?

Having the right hitting system will make sure you succeed.

Don’t wait to start! This is YOUR time, YOUR year to shine.

We can’t wait to hear the results you get

 $191.99 Today Only $147 FREE SHIPPING!



Coach Brockhoff’s 60 Day Personal Guarantee

All my customers know that I go the extra mile to make them happy.

And you will get the same personal service.

I do have a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not like the DVDs for whatever reason, we will refund the cost back to you, no questions asked, no hassles. So if you’re not happy with the Super 8 DVDs for any reason, just contact me at:

1-800-727-5940 or 1-717-652-2979 or email and I will HAPPILY cancel your order and refund your money, no questions asked.

Coach Joe Brockhoff, Owner

 $191.99 Today Only $147 FREE SHIPPING!



“An outstanding program designed to improve baseball hitting performance for all ages.”

Skip Bertman
Former Head Baseball Coach LSU Tigers and 5-Time NCAA Division I National Champions, 2012 LSU Hall of Fame inductee

“Joe Brockhoff’s approach to hitting is something each coach should study. I have seen this simple approach become an invaluable tool in many programs.”

Mike Martin
Head Baseball Coach, LSU Tigers

“Dear Joe:

Thanks for an outstanding job at our clinic last weekend. I have had nothing but glowing comments from everyone about your presentations.
We’ve had some pretty ‘heavy hitters’ on the clinic circuit in Wisconsin talking about hitting . . . .but you were definitely the best. You made the hardest thing to do in baseball, sound logical. One of our coaches paid you what I think is a high compliment. He called you a ‘working man’s coach.’ I really think he’s right. Every body else tries to make hitting so complicated and scientific and seems to be working on their next doctoral thesis, but you brought things down to earth. That is an ingenious talent.”

Tom O’Connel, Clinic Director, Wisconsin High School Baseball Coaches Association

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